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Whether you need us to retrieve evidence and locate witnesses in support of litigation, find misappropriated assets or trace their ownership, gather intelligence for a merger or acquisition, or carry out internal fraud investigations, we offer a range of support services for our clients and their legal advisers.

Some of the services we offer

Litigation support
We work with lawyers around the world to support their clients’ cases by retrieving hard-to-locate evidence. We also carry out investigations to support litigation and have assisted with several senior employee tribunals, as well as locating potential witnesses for disputes.
Asset tracing
We are particularly experienced in asset tracing. Our team has located in excess of $1 billion worth of assets on behalf of clients, including property and funds misappropriated by three deposed heads of state. Our clients have asked us to research ownership of assets for probate and we have also been called upon to verify the authenticity of assets where provenance is a factor. Legal advisers worldwide use our services to identify the true ownership of assets owned through offshore structures.
Corporate investigations
Fraud can seriously undermine a company’s financial standing and reputation. We work directly with our clients, and/or their legal advisers, to investigate complex corporate frauds, misconduct and regulatory issues. We carry out fact-finding within organisations, trace information leaks, investigate IP infringements, explore issues of collusion and suspected bribery and corruption. This often involves answering such age-old questions as who knew what, where and when?
Merger & Acquisition support
Working with your financial, legal and PR advisers we provide vital intelligence that can make the difference between success and failure in contested takeovers. We will work as part of your trusted team to provide in-depth, discreet research identifying an adversary’s weaknesses and determining the strategy and intent of stakeholders and interested parties. We can also provide you with reverse due diligence to identify possible areas of weakness relating to your position so that you can mount a proper defence.

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