Solving complex issues through investigation

Problem solving

Clarifying complex business issues

Focused, in-depth investigations

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts to the contrary, complex, often sensitive, issues arise that require third-party investigative support to unravel them. In such instances, we work in partnership with you to pinpoint the issues and find workable solutions. Our consultants take the time to really understand your business and what you need to know, delivering innovative suggestions to overcome the hurdles that are holding you back.

Some of the problems we solve

Political risk
An uncertain, increasingly fragmented world has put political risk firmly back on the corporate agenda. Our global network of resources is able to provide local input which, coupled with expert analysis, helps our clients navigate choppier waters.
Strategic market intelligence
If your company is venturing into new territories, our strategic intelligence provides insight into industries, power structures, competitors and the underlying links that can often be present in emerging markets between business and politics.
Competitor intelligence
We help you to establish your competitors’ strategies with regards to a particular market or product, and assist you in making informed strategic decisions in your own product and market development.
Complex problem solving
Using our analytical skills we can offer insights to resolve complex or challenging issues where lateral thinking is required. Amongst other work, we have helped to uncover irregularities in overseas subsidiaries, established the correct ownership of assets to facilitate the fulfilment of contracts and avoid extortion, and identified an adversary in a sophisticated deception involving millions of pounds.

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